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Superflick comes with a complete pack of easily customizable elements that
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  1. Development

  2. Logistics

  3. Production

  4. Editing

  5. Deployment

  6. Analytics

  1. Thinking

  2. Planning

  3. Processing

  4. Delivering

  1. Development

    Development is both Creative and Strategy. Anything that we develop for you must be targeted to engage and influence your audience. With us, great Creative is always pushed forward with by Strategy - there is no separating the two. This focus is at the core of any great video.

  2. Logistics

    In our industry they call this stage, Pre-Production. We call it Logistics because even though the focus is preparing for the production of your video, it can also mean much more when your goal is to produce a great video.

  3. Production

    Production for us, is a breath of fresh air. that's because it's the result of all the great things that were accomplished during Development and Logistics. Call Sheets, Shooting Schedules, Shot Lists, and more make this day run like clockwork. And when the world throws something at us (as it can do), we've got it covered with contingency plans, forward thinking and the experience of over 30 years to think on our feet and make it happen. When Production happens, making great videos is all about having great people who are invested in the project to things moving forward until the closing shot.

  1. Editing

    We've grown accustomed to 'jump cuts', because of a lot of DIY video. This is when an edit is made to cut something out and the visual abruptly

  2. Deployment

    Our background in TV commercials linked us up with the major broadcasters around the world and North America (CBS, NBC, CBC, Bell Media, CNN...), but also online distributors (Youtube, Vimeo, JSVideo...).

  3. Analytics

    Back in the day, we facilitated Focus Groups to get a balanced analytics on how well our TV commercials and Online Video content was performing. Today we still host these events both 'Bricks & Mortar' and virtually.

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