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Meet the Zuckerhands!

I’ve worked with a lot corporate executives who’ve been tasked with appearing on-camera. Many are charismatic human beings, great at telling jokes, making speeches and holding their own in the boardroom. Most are fine with on-camera interviews, but can be as stiff as a board when reading from a teleprompter. With a bit of warm-up and support from a good director, the executive’s performance can be taken up a notch. Hire more than one camera and a good editor and the finished product can be much, much better....

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A Bit of Focused Micro-Management

The word on Business Leadership Street is that micro-managing is a bad thing... But when you've got a video to produce for your organization, focused micro-management can save you from costly overruns! If you hire the right people, you shouldn’t have to micro-manage their creative or technical skills. They'll know exactly how to get the job done, will fix any problems that come up - or come to you to resolve them....

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The Stuff of Great Video Introduction

I was invited to a Hollywood Emmy party at a Beverly Hills mansion a few years back. I’d stepped out onto a balcony for some fresh air and to view the spectacular evening panorama of sparkling lights from the LA valley below. The man leaning on the railing next to me was Leonardo DiCaprio. We chatted for about 15 minutes about Toronto, the film industry and more. It was this conversation that first inspired me to write what I’m about to share with you....

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